Illustrations to War and Peace

I've found an old album of watercolor illustrations to “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy. The illustrations were published in 1893 as a free supplement to magazine “Sever” (North). The titles are (in order):

  1. Battery of captain Tushin near Schoengraben
  2. Napoleon and emperor Alexander I meeting in Tilsit
  3. The first ball of Natasha Rostova
  4. Rostovs hunt with hounds in Otradnoye
  5. Rostovs go to Melyukovs on yule
  6. Napoleon and Lavrushka during the march from Vyazma to Tsarevo-Zaimische
  7. Kutuzov on Polkonnaya mount before the war council in Fili
  8. Count Rostopchin and merchant's son Vereshchagin near the governor's house in Moscow
  9. Natasha Rostova and Andrey Bolkonsky in Mytishchi
  10. The French execute arsonists in Moscow
  11. Death of Petya Rostov

Below you can see a preview of the album (all 20 pages):

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