Books I Read: The Byzantine Civilization, by Andre Guillou

1.11 DONE [#4] Andre Guillou, The Byzantine Civilisation (Andre Guillou, La civilisation Byzantine)    nonfiction history

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    This is book was worse than other books from this series that I have read: The Civilisation of the Medieval Europe by Jacques Le Goff and the Civilisation of the Renaissance by Jean Delumeau. It starts with a geographical description of the Byzantine empire: a long list of names and very little information about the features of the regions, about links between geography and economics and culture. Then goes just as boring list of the titles of the imperial officials and very little on the functioning of the state. Speakin of the foreign politics, Guillou mentions marital ties with foreign rulers, and then goes a page and a half of examples and names. The list of the treasures of the church of St. Sophia takes five pages. However, the chapters on diplomacy, science and education are good and raise the final grade to 4 points.

    ISBN: 5-9709-0114-8
    BBK: 63.3(4) Г 51

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  • Византийская цивилизация/пер. с франц. Д.Лоевского; предисл Р.Блока. - Екатеринбург: У-Фактория, 2005. - 552 с. (Серия "Великие цивилизации")
  • Andre Guillou, La civilisation Byzantine, Arthaud 1974.

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