December 14 in Russian history


Soviet polar expedition reaches the Southern Pole of Inaccessability, the point of the Antarctic which is the farthest from the ocean coasts of the continent. The coordinates of the point are 82°06′S, 54°58′E. Actually, various calculations may give slightly different results, but the term Pole of Inaccessability is generally applied to this point, where in 1958 17 people led by Yevgeni Ivanovich Tolstikov.

Tolstikov visited the point a year earlier, in December 1957, but the aeroplane did not land, it was a reconnaissance flight.

2007 1965

After two weeks of the scientific research, the team left the base. The hut where they lived is now covered by thick layer of snow. It was still on the surface in 1965, but the 2007 expedition of Team N2i found only the Lenin's bust seen above the snow. The photos show the difference.

By the way, Wikipedia states that it was the Second SAE (Soviet Antarctic Expedition), but this is wrong, it was the Third SAE.

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