Yet another birch bark from Novgorod

Some Russian news agencies reported on the recent find in Novgorod. During the construction works, two pieces of a birch bark letter were found. The archaeologists say that the letter was written in XV century. The experts have read the text.

The letter was written by someone Alexey, the steward at a manor near Novgorod. It seems that Alexey gave away some of the landlord's meadows to the peasants for mowing, but a local priest accused him of squandering the landlord's property. In this letter, Alexey asked the landlord to send him a confirmation of his right to dispose of the meadows.

"The priest threatens that should he catch someone on the lord's land, he will tie the grass around his head," writes Alexey. It's absolutely unclear what he means by "tying the grass", but the procedure is, probably, not at all pleasing. So, Alexey hurried the landlord up, asking him to send the confirmation of his rights by St. Peter's day (12 July).

Russian sources:
Новгородские археологи подтвердили, что "без бумажки ты букашка"
В Великом Новгороде раскопали еще одну берестяную грамоту

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