Some WWII memorabilia

Some books printed in the USSR for the Soviet Army:

"В помощь партизану" (Instruction book for partisans) (1942, 140 pages) and "Спутник партизана" (Partisan's Guide) (1942-43, 358 pages) — how to find the enemy, to destroy a warehouse or an airdrome, to explode railways, bridges and locomotives, description of Soviet and German weapons.

Russian-German and Russian-Finnish phrasebooks (both — 1941). "Where are the German troops?" "Which direction?" "You lie!" "Calm down!" "You have nothing to be afraid of!" "The Red Army will come soon!"

All books are scanned in DjVU format and compressed with RAR archiver. You will need a DjVU viewer to open them. You can find one here or here. This program will help you extract files from the archive.

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