Political mathematics

How come the politicians find the most stupid explanations for their controversial decisions? Some years ago, when Putin abolished the governors' elections, he explained that it would make the anti-terror campaign more effective. Now, the presidential and the parliamentary terms have been increased to six and five years correspondingly. From Moscow Times:

The bill ensures a difference in time between the presidential and parliamentary elections, allowing for "calm preparations," United Russia's first deputy chairman, Vladimir Pekhtin, said in a statement released after the vote.

Does it take a PhD in mathematics to understand that no matter which integer M and N you take, the elections will coincide at least every M*N years? Is it that me and Grigori Perelman are the only Russians who understand that the only way to "ensure a difference in time between the elections" is to make the terms equal?

As if to make things even more hilarious, the bootlicks from the Liberal-Democratic party proposed to increase the presidential term to seven years. Sergey Ivanov, member of the State Duma, says (link in Russian) that "the proposed five and six years long terms will cause one electoral campaign to immediately blend into the other". I just want to know: HOW CAN A MAN BE THAT DUMB? It's an insult to human intelligence, in my opinion, the penalty for which should be 20 years in primary school, as a habitual idiot.

They say that those who know nothing, teach. Those who can't teach, manage. Seems like those who can't manage, become politicians. We just can't cope with them. Isolate them, somehow, or automatically proclaim invalid all laws approved by parliaments and adopt those they had declined, maybe?

Okay, I've heard about someone G.W.Bush and I assume that my compatriots are not really outstanding, but, please, I beg you, name just three politicians who would be brilliant enough to avoid such blunt errors?


Anonymous said...

Viktor Chernomyrdin would be proud! :)

Dmitri Minaev said...

Okay, I know I have oversimplified the things in this article :). Making the terms equal is not the only way to keep the elections apart. There're some options with the terms that have a common denominator larger than 1, but, still, the 6 and 5 years decision taken and advertised by the politicians, of course, has nothing to do with the time difference :).

trung said...

i like this thread.