December 10 in Russian history. Nobel prize awards.

The 10 December, the day when Alfred Nobel died, for more than 100 years has been the day when Nobel prizes are awarded. For the last five years, there were no Russians among the winners. Here's the list of Russian/Soviet Nobel prize winners:

  • Ivan Pavlov, Physiology or Medicine, 1904
  • Ilya Mechnikov, Physiology or Medicine, 1908
  • Ivan Bunin, Literature, 1933
  • Nikolay Semenov, Chemistry, 1956
  • Pavel Cherenkov, Physics, 1958
  • Boris Pasternak, Literature, 1958 (forced to decline)
  • Lev Landau, Physics, 1962
  • Aleksandr M. Prokhorov, Physics, 1964
  • Nicolay G. Basov, Physics, 1964
  • Michail Sholokhov, Literature, 1965
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Literature, 1970
  • Leonid Kantorovich, Economics, 1975
  • Mikhail Gorbachev, Peace, 1990
  • Zhores I. Alferov, Physics, 2000
  • Alexei A. Abrikosov, Physics, 2003
  • Vitaly Ginzburg, Physics, 2003

Some years ago, though, Kommersant newspaper compiled a list of Nobel prize winners with connections to Russia:

Year of award Category Name Relation to Russia (USSR)
1903 Physics Marie Curie (born Marie Sklodowska) Born in Warsaw (Russian part of Poland)
1904 Physiology and medicine Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Subject of the Russian Empire; later a citizen of the USSR
1905 Literature Henryk Sienkiewicz Born in the Russian part of Poland; subject of the Russian Empire
1908 Physiology and medicine Ilya Ilich Mechnikov Subject of the Russian Empire
1911 Chemistry Marie Curie Born in Warsaw (Russian part of Poland)
1933 Literature Ivan Alekseevich Bunin Born in Voronezh (Russian Empire); at the time of the award, a stateless person resident in France
1945 Physiology and medicine Ernst Boris Chain Son of a native of Mogileva (Russian Empire, now Belarus)
1952 Physiology and medicine Selman Abraham Waksman Born in Priluky (now Ukraine; left the Russian Empire are age 22)
1956 Chemistry Nikolai Nikolaevich Semenov Citizen of the USSR
1958 Physics Igor Evgenevich Tamm Citizen of the USSR
1958 Physics Ilya Mikhailovich Frank Citizen of the USSR
1958 Physics Pavel Alekseevich Cherenkov Citizen of the USSR
1958 Literature Boris Leonidovich Pasternak* Citizen of the USSR
1960 Physics Donald Arthur Glaser Son of a Russian woman (Russian Empire)
1961 Chemistry Melvin Calvin Son of Russian immigrants
1962 Physics Lev Davidovich Landau Citizen of the USSR
1964 Physics Nikolai Gennadievich Basov Citizen of the USSR
1964 Physics Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov Citizen of the USSR
1965 Physiology and medicine André Michel Lvov Son of Russian immigrants
1965 Literature Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov Citizen of the USSR
1970 Literature Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn Citizen of the USSR at the time of the award (later stripped of citizenship and expelled from the country; now a citizen of Russia)
1970 Physiology and medicine Sir Bernard Katz Son of Russian immigrants
1971 Economics Simon Smith Kuznets Born in Kharkov (Russian Empire, now Ukraine); left the country in 1922
1971 Physics Dennis Gabor Great-grandson of a Russian subject
1973 Economics Vasily (Vasilevich) Leontev Born in St. Petersburg; left the Soviet Union after graduating from Leningrad University in 1925
1975 Peace Prize Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov Citizen of the USSR
1975 Economics Leonid Vitalevich Kantorovich Citizen of the USSR
1976 Literature Saul Bellow Son of Russian immigrants
1977 Chemistry Ilya (Romanovich) Prigogine Born in Moscow (Russian Empire); left Russia at age 4
1977 Physiology and medicine Andrew Victor Schally Born in Wilno (Poland; later Vilnius, USSR; now Lithuania
1978 Physics Petr Leonidovich Kapitsa Citizen of the USSR
1978 Physiology and medicine Daniel Nathans Son of Russian immigrants
1979 Physics Sheldon Lee Glashow (Glukhovsky) Son of Russian immigrants
1979 Chemistry Herbert Brown (Brovarnik) Son of Russian immigrants
1980 Chemistry Paul Berg Son of a Russian immigrant
1981 Physics Arthur Schawlow Son of a Riga native (Russian Empire, now Latvia)
1981 Chemistry Roald Hoffmann (Saffran) Born in the city of Zloczow (Poland; later Zolochev, USSR; now Zolochiv, Ukraine)
1982 Chemistry Aaron Klug Born into a family of Russian natives (Russian Empire)
1982 Physiology and medicine John Vane Son of Russian immigrants
1986 Physiology and medicine Stanley Cohen Son of Russian immigrants
1987 Literature Joseph Brodsky Born in Leningrad (USSR); left the country in 1972
1988 Physiology and medicine Gertrude Bell Elion Daughter of Russian emigrants
1990 Physics Jerome Isaac Friedman Son of Russian immigrants
1990 Peace Prize Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev Citizen of the USSR
1995 Peace Prize Joseph Rotblat Born in Warsaw; subject of the Russian Empire until Poland declared independence
2000 Physics Zhores Ivanovich Alferov Citizen of Russia
2002 Physiology and medicine Robert Horwitz Grandson of a Russian immigrant
2003 Physics Aleksei Alekseevich Abrikosov Citizen of Russia and the United States
2003 Physics Vitaly Lazarevich Ginzburg Citizen of Russia

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