Medieval settlement found in Kursk

Kursk archaeologist have been working near village Gochevo for almost 100 years. This year, they found some extremely interesting artefacts: burnt down fortifications, a XIII century vessel, a chess figure (approximately first half of XIV century) and pieces of armour similar to the armour used by participants of Kulikovo battle.

The Tale of Igor's Campaign, an ancient Russian poem, mentions a town called Rimov and its location is still uncertain, but Yuri Lipking, an archaelogist from Kursk (his 100th anniversary was celebrated recently), thought that the real Rimov was located somewhere near modern Gochevo. This theory is supported by a number of serious evidences. The recent finds in Gochevo became another such evidence. But it was thought that Rimov was destroyed in late XII century, and these finds are dated by XIII-XIV centuries. Anyway, the discovered fortress was, most probably, a part of the fortified line of the Duchy of Lithuania against the Golden Horde and it was destroyed very fast, in one day.

The earliest finds in Gochevo are dated by VI-IV BCE

In summer, archaelogists will continue their work in Gochevo. Schoolchildren from the school 52 in Kursk will assist them.

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