An archaeological park to be built in Crimea

The local authorities of Kerch, a city in the Eastern Crimea, are developing a plan to create an archaeological park. The park is to be located in Arshintsevo, a district of Kerch. This place is known as the ancient town Tyritake (Τυριτακε). The Greek colony was established in mid-VI century BCE. It was captured and destroyed by Huns in the IV century CE. The first arhaeological expedition started excavations in Tyritake in 1932. The park will include reconstructed walls and towers, houses and wineries, an early Christian basilique. It is planned that the park will open in five years. Currently, the restoration works in Tyritake are performed by Crimean department of the Ukrainian Institute of Orient and the charity foundation "Demetra".

From newspaper Kommersant.

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