March 1 in Russian history

1325: The metropolitan Peter moves from Vladimir to Moscow, making Moscow the religious centre of Russia. This event later resulted into the political rise of Moscow.

1799: The ober-polizmeister of St.Petersburg prohibits an improper dance called the waltz.

1810: Alexander I issues a manifesto on the adjoinment of Abkhazia to the Russian empire. Since the end of the XVIII century the princes of Abkhazia were trying to avoid the influence of the Ottoman empire. Pro-Russian prince Kelesh-bey was killed in 1808 and his son, Safarbey-Georgy, asked the Russian government for protection in 1809.

1869: Dmitri Mendeleev discovers the periodic table of chemical elements. Unlike his predecessors, he managed to formulate the periodicity as the law and to make certain predictions based on the law.

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