Dissenters' March in Samara: part VI

Yesterday, on 15 May, more people were detained by police and the procedure more and more often reminds of kidnapping. Mikhail Merkushin, a member of NBP, was pushed into a car by two men who had not present their credentials, of course. He was taken to the police office and spent 3 hours there. Police explained that he looked similar to a man who stole 800 rubles from a credit card. When he was detained on Friday, he was suspected in beating a child. What next? Another activist, Yuri Chervinchuk, was detained in a similar fashion.

Local media in Samara refuses to place commercial invitations to the march. In three occasions advertising departments gladly accepted the orders, but some hours later explained by phone that they cannot place the ad for various reasons. These were two radiostations: Echo of Moscow in Samara and Avtoradio and one TV station SKAT.

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Krusenstern said...

One week ago the first “Blog-Carnival Russian media” was started. Today already eight articles are registered - but all these articles are from German or Swiss based authors. Where are the authors of English Russia-Blogs?

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