Violations of human rights in Samara

Some news. On May 11, computers were confiscated from the informational agency Regnum-Volgainform.

On May 12, four people who dissipated leaflets with invitations to the Dissenters' March, were detained and accused of "non-compliance with the police orders."

On Saturday, May 13, a member of the organizational committee of the Dissenters' March in Samara Anastasia Kurt-Adzhiyeva and a member of the National Bolshevist Party Yuri Chervinchuk were detained by police. Police claims that they have information that Kurt-Adzhiyeva has a hand grenade in her bag. Father of Kurt-Adzhiyeva, Sergey Kurt-Adzhiyev, editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta who came to the police office on May 14 after the detention of his daughter, was detained, too, together with a journalist of the same newspaper Mikhail Kuteinikov. The police officer who detained them, refused to name himself and didn't explain on what accusations they were detained, report Newsru.com and Kasparov.ru

The US-based organization Committee to Protect Journalists protested against prosecutions of journalists in Samara in their statement: "We're very troubled by these police actions, which appear timed to obstruct news coverage of a planned public demonstration," CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon said. "This harassment is preventing our colleagues from doing their jobs of informing the public, and it should stop at once." The article also mentions some of the events I described above.

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