August 16 in Russian history

The following article was posted at Sima Qian Studio forum by Mosquito, a forumer from Poland. He has kindly allowed me to copy his comments to this blog. Thanks!
15-16 August 1920. Polish counteroffensive in the battle of Warsaw during Soviet - Polish war.

Contrary to Bolshevik's version of the history the war wasnt started by the Polish attack on Kiev in april 1920 and the Poles were not suported by the Western Powers.There was a dispute about terriotory between Poland and Russia buteven it wasnt the main reason of the war.The reason of this 20 months long war in which took part milion soldiers on each side was that Lenin was going to join his revolution with the revolution in Germany. After defeating Poland he wanted to conquer Europe with the communist Germany. The campaign in 1919/1920 wasnt just a border skirmish.It was a full scale war of 2 regular armies.

Regular fight was started when German army which which was between Poles and Russians left region called OBEROST, in result on 14th of February 1919 at 6 am patrol of Polish cavalry surprised soviet forces during their breakfast. In january Polish commander Pilsudsky crossed border to secure independece of Latvia.During his march he recived information that Soviets gave command on Polish front to their best general,young Mikhail Tukhachevski.

Since that moment Pilsudsky was expecting red offensive to begin soon.He quickly made the aliance with the Ukrainians and attacked Bolsheviks in their weakest point-from south. The Poles and Ukrainians took Kiev where the people have welcomed them as liberators.Soviet preparations to attack have been broken.Western Europe has been influenced by Soviet propaganda. Workers and communists in Paris, Berlin, London, Rome and most of major european cities went on the streets shouting "Hands off Russia". The transports of arms which Poland purchased in the west were blocked by workers.

In may and Juni 1920 Red Army has drove off the Poles from Ukraina.Its commander said that before the end of summer he will be in Paris.In the 4th of July Tuchatshevsky said: "Go West!Our Road to burn the world leads trough the dead body of white Poland".His speed was impressing.The Poles were retreating in every part of front.In the middle of August Red Army was 5 days from Berlin.Beyound the Red Army was going Dzierzynsky(boss of Che-ka) with his Polish revolutionary committee ready to get the power in occupied Poland. And then it happend. Some historians called it "The Eighteenth Decisive Battle of World History" .Long prepared counter offensive of Polish Army near Warsaw in the 15/16 of August. Polish attack was decisive.Five Soviet Armies have been destroyed,2 of them completelly obliterated. Bolshevik losses were 10,000 killed, 500 missing, 10,000 wounded and 66,000 taken prisoner, compared with Polish losses of some 4,500 killed, 10,000 missing and 22,000 wounded. Tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers crossed border with Germany, in Prussia to avoid being captured by Polish forces but werent interned and were allowed to get back to Russia. Remaining Soviet units which were still able to fight were in full retreat, chased by Polish army and demoralised. Many of them were cought. In the 31th of August took place the last great battle of cavalry in Europe.20000 horsemen were attacking and counter attacking in formations untill Polish uhlans have defeated and routed the Red Cavalry.

Since that moment Bolsheviks were not able to stop Polish offensive and there was nothing between Poles and Moscow. Western diplomats were pressing on Polish authorities to continue the war and to reinstall White Russians in power. But when Lenin requested for peace, Pilsudski has accepted his request. Red Army lost its first war. In result Bolsheviks had to forget the idea of international revolution. Poland was safe as well as Baltic states. In the peace treaty of Riga Soviet authorities accepted all Polish conditions, which werent especially hard. There were many consequences of this war. First was the fact that central Europe was not conquered by Reds. Second, that Bolshevik revolutionist were not able to support German revolutionist and didnt join their forces together. Third, not the less important, the hate which arised between Stalin and Mikhail Tukhachevski, who blamed Stalin for defeat. In the thirties Stalin was able to remove and execute Mikhail Tukhachevski together with most of Soviet officer's corps what greatelly helped German after their invasion of Russia.


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