This year in Ryurikovo Gorodische, Novgorod

In 2007, archaeologists worked in 7 districts of Novgorod. In Rurikovo Gorodische (Rurik's, or Roerik's settlement, ancient Holmgard), they are working for thirty years already. More than 1,500 artifacts were found there this year. Among the finds are six knyaz's stamps, Arab coins, chisels and moulding forms, womens decorations, etc. Some of the artifacts confirm the presence of Proto-Slavs in this location in the first century BC.

Besides Russian scientists and students, students from France and Sweden participated in the expedition. In the next year, students from Finland are expected to come. It was decided that after the digs are over, an international archaeological and tourist centre will be created on the site of the settlement.

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