Other blogs: The Diary of An American Infantryman in WWI Siberia and Beyond

The author of The Diary of An American Infantryman in WWI Siberia and Beyond, whose name, unfortunately, I do not know, posts the records of his great-grandfather, George C. Voegeli.

George Voegeli was part of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) in Siberia from 1918-1920. Approximately 8,000 men were part of this force which inlcuded the Amry's 27th and 31st regiments. The AEF was sent to Siberia in an attempt to maintain order after the Russian Civil War and to protect key military interests originally sent by the U.S. to support the previous Russian government's efforts in the Eastern front of WWI from the various local competing groups. The groups included the Cossacks, the Bolsheviks, and the Japanese among others. The AEF was also sent to rescue the Czeckoslovak Legions who had been fighting against the Austrio-Hungarian forces in behalf of Russia.

The blog was started this January and now is a good time to start reading it!

Thanks to Russian History Blog where I found a link to The Diary of An American Infantryman.


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