Other blogs: two more blogs on history of Russia

Today I searched for "Russian history" at Google's Blogsearch and found two blogs on Russian history. The first one is Russian history, written by a US professor named Igor:

This is a blog for use in both of my HIS 241 and HIS 242 Russian history survey courses at Northern Virginia Community College.

The second blog is an old one, Russian History Blog. The blog was launched by John Potter in November 2005, but was abandoned in January 2006, right when I started this one. Now, someone under nom de guerre Translatorrus has picked the blog and already posted three new articles:

Hello dear Russian History Blog readers! My nickname is Translatorus and I will try to keep this blog up to date with interesting facts and stories about Russian history, Russian culture, Russian cities and towns. Russia is a very interesting country. And it's in its new historical cycle. So, we have a lot to discuss in the future. Please send me your comments and wishes on what you are interested the most and I will try to tell you all I know about a certain topic. Little bit about myself: I speak Russian — it's my native language. I grew up in a Soviet Union, but don't remember a lot about it, since I was 6 when the country disappeared from the map of the World. I went to college in a city called Novgorod, Novgorod Veliky. In my next post I will tell you about this beautiful ancient city. And once again, everybody is welcome to leave their comments.

Good luck, colleagues!

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