Other blogs: Russia, USSR and history

Andy has posted a Russia Blog roundup at his Siberian Light blog, where he mentions my article about Georgy Kosenko written some days ago for ExecutedToday.com. Thanks to Andy, but this is not what I wanted to say in the first place :).

Andy also mentioned some very interesting blogs. One of them is Soviet Russia, born in February 2008. The first two articles written by Xavi are really outstanding: Cold War blazing skies about the training flights of the Soviet air forces in the Atlantic, about the reaction of the US and NATO and about the first victims of the Cold War. The second article is titled Stalin’s golden cage. It's about the building that became the symbols of the Stalin's epoch. Xavi's work is extraordinary, so keep reading his blog.

Another interesting blog, Russia, Past and Present, was launched in October 2007. It's mostly about Russian art and culture, but the author, Seesaw, doesn't shun politics or mass culture. Very well written and with lots of video clips, this is a good addition for your daily reading list.

And, finally, one more article mentioned by Andy in his roundup: The Geography of Russia Through History in otherwise irrelevant Coming Anarchy blog shows the maps of the Russian states from Kievan Rus to the principality of Muscovy to modern Russia.


Seesaw said...

Thanks for nice words!

Dmitri Minaev said...

The words were well deserved, so the pleasure is all mine. And your readers', too :)