The World War That Never Happened: US Occupies USSR

A little follow-up to the yesterday's article which mentioned two US plans of nuclear attacks on the USSR. Earlier this year the amazing Strange Maps blog published this article: The World War That Never Happened: US Occupies USSR:

On 27 October 1951, the US magazine Collier’s devoted an entire 130-page issue to the theme of “Russia’s Defeat and Occupation, 1952-1960; Preview of the War We Do Not Want.” The cover showed an American soldier in a helmet emblazoned with US and UN insignia, reading MP (Military Police) Occupation Forces.


In the introduction, Collier’s proclaimed that it had chosen this theme: “To warn the evil masters of the Russian people that their conspiracy to enslave humanity is the dark, downhill road to World War III; to sound a powerful call for reason and understanding between the peoples of East and West — before it’s too late; to demonstrate that if the war we do not want is forced upon us, we will win.”

Another recent article at Strange Maps is here: World War II: If Maps Could Fight. Have a look at this funny story :).

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