One year ago, on January 9, I started this blog. Frankly, I was not sure if the newborn blog would make it past the first year. Fortunately, your feedback, dear readers, supported me for all this time. I have an impression that this undertaking is not totally useless. Thank you.

So, the non-fiscal report of the 2007 follows.

The assets: 224 articles. 110 of them constitute "The day in history" series. 51 are the translations of the chapters of the course in Russian history by Sergey Platonov. 8 articles are the translation of "The Collapse of the Empire" by Yegor Gaidar. 15 articles are tagged as 'politics' — it was when I gave a vent to my feelings about recent events in Russia.

The feedback was: 3,821 visits to the blog and 5,431 page views. At least, this is what the counter at SiteMeter.com shows. When the blog was born, I used some other counter and now the SiteMeter.com page reminds of this with the pathetic "Plus 19 visitors before joining Site Meter on January 11, 2007" :). The average number of visitors is 24 per day. The best results were in 52 visits when the blog was mentioned at the site of Radio France and 64 visits when I wrote a follow-up to the article about Alexey Gastev by the venerable languagehat.com.

The reward is: 13 RSS subscribers at Google Reader. Technorati.com authority is 25 and the rank is 331,293. The Google search for "de rebus antiquis et novis -site:minaev.blogspot.com" gives 2,450 links.

The most visited articles, according to Google Analytics, are the articles about Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya (166 views), Alexey Gastev (35 views) and the translation of Timur Aliyev's recollections about the beginning of the first Chechen war. The top Google queries which displayed my articles are: "novis", "de rebus", "rebus", "basma khan", "minaev", "miloradovich", "mammoth hunters", "yaroslav the wise" and "history of russian food". The top clicked queries are "morris gershowitz" and "vostok and mirnyi".

And, finally, here are two diagrams from SiteMeter.com showing the growth of the number of visits and page views.

Thanks to all of you, dear readers!


Andy said...

Congratlations on an excellent first year - De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis is a unique blog, and I've really enjoyed reading your posts.

Dmitri Minaev said...

Thank you, Andy! :)

ExecutedToday said...

c dnem rozhdeniya!

Dmitri Minaev said...

Spasibo, Jason :)

Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Congratulations. May you keep having solid growth! I enjoy my readings on your blog.


Dmitri Minaev said...

Thank you, Kyle. I am glad you are among the readers -- thank you for your comments!