Other blogs: Siberian Light on Soviet-Japanese conflict in 1939

Khalkhin-Gol: The Battle that shaped WW2:

In August 1939, just weeks before Hitler invaded Poland, the Soviet Union and Japan fought a massive tank battle on the Mongolian border - the largest the world had ever seen.

Under the then unknown Georgy Zhukov, the Soviets won a crushing victory at the batte of Khalkhin-Gol (known in Japan as the Nomonhan Incident). Defeat persuaded the Japanese to expand into the Pacific, where they saw the United States as a weaker opponent than the Soviet Union. If the Japanese had not lost at Khalkhin Gol, they may never have attacked Pearl Harbor...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

I really do find it fascinating that this battle is so little heard of outside of Russia and Japan, given the massive impact it had on the course of the war that followed.

Oh well. Education ain't what it was, etc.