More on strange news from Russian archaeologists

It seems that the story is a bit exaggerated, as usual. The settlement at Staraya Maina belongs to Imenkovo culture and it is, probably, the oldest Imenkovo settlement. Some historians think that this culture was a Slavic one.

Actually, there are some grounds for this. When Bulgarians came to the Middle Volga, many earlier cultures, including Imenkovo, were either driven away or assimilated. It is thought that the people of Imenkovo left the region and moved to region between Dnieper and Don, where they formed Volyntsevo culture, very similar to Imenkovo. Volyntsevo culture, as it seems, is a Slavic culture. If so, we could make an assumption that Imenkovo is also a Slavic culture.

The founds made at Staraya Maina, dated by IV CE, could then make it the earliest settlement that can be attributed to Slavs. But there are many scientists who link Imenkovo culture with Turks or Finno-Ugrians. The funny thing is that the former historians are from Kazan and the latter ones are from Hungary...

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