Plan for the nearest future

I should have done it earlier, of course :). Below is a list of the chapters of the Russian history course I plan to post in the nearest future. The book includes 9 parts. The first part contains the following chapters (excluding those already posted):

  • 10. Christianity before Vladimir
  • 11. Legend of Vladimir's baptising
  • 12. Christian church in early Russia
  • 13. Pre-christian life of Slavs
  • 14. Influence of the church on everyday life
  • 15. Influence of the church in culture and spiritual life
  • 16. Knyaz Yaroslav the Wise
  • 17. Order of succession after Yaroslav
  • 18. The throne of Kiev from Vladimir Monomakh till 1169
  • 19. Wars against steppe and the decline of the Kiev state
  • 20. Political structure of the provinces of the Kiev state
  • 21. Structure of the population of the Kiev state
  • 22. Russkaya Pravda and civil institutes in Kievan Russia

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