Ancient settlement found on Altay

A group of Altay archaeologists was doing obligatory field research before the construction of a road from Gorno-Altaysk to Urlu-Aspak when they suddenly found a fragment of an ancient settlement (here). The settlement was relatively large, but due to the time constraints only a small part of it that is to be buried under the road was explored. Multiple pieces of ceramic crocks in good condition and stone tools were found. But the most interesting things were strange channels dug in the earthen floor of the houses. Archaeologists still can't find a reliable explanation for them. One version is that the ditches were a part of the heating system: they channeled the warm air from the fireplace and warmed the floor.

No ideas on the dating of the settlement as far. The works will continue in the next season.


Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Are you talking about channels that had a floor over them? I have an image in my head of open ditch (channel). Heat rises so that makes no sense. But if they where covered and going under the floor, that makes sense.

Why is it always so important to build on top of things like this. You would think that there is other ways to build a road.

I see Southern Russia down near Mongolia.

I like the article.

When I get back in two weeks from getting my new Visa I am going to spend a couple of days reading your Blog and asking dumb questions. For now you are safe. I will be leaving tomorrow.

See Ya,


Dmitri Minaev said...

Yes, now these are open ditches, but they may have been covered with a wooden floor or with leathers on a wooden frame. Wood and/or leather decayed leaving us scratching our heads. It's just one possible explanation, but you can come up with a better one :)

As for that road, notice the harsh landscape in the area. Finding a continous stripe of relatively plain ground is not an easy task there.