Russian history: part 3

After a short time-out, we're starting the third part. It will include the following chapters:

Birth and growth of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

  • 38: First Lithuanian dukes
  • 39: Union of Lithuania and Poland. Jogaila
  • 40: Vytautas
  • 41: Lithuanian duchy after Vytautas

Birth and growth of the Grand Duchy of Muscovy

  • 42: Reasons for the rise of Moscow
  • 43: Grand knyaz Ivan Kalita and his successors
  • 44: Dimitri Donskoy and the battle of Kulikovo field
  • 45: Grand knyazes Vasily I Dimitrievich and Vasily II Vasilyevich the Dark

Formation of the Great Russian state

  • 46: Grand knyaz Ivan III Vasilyevich, importance of his rule
  • 47: Subjugation of Novgorod the Great and the Novgorod lands
  • 48: Joining the appanage duchies
  • 49: Family and court of Ivan III
  • 50: Foreign policy of Ivan III: Mongols
  • 51: Foreign policy of Ivan III: Lithuania and Livonia. Relations with the West
  • 52: Grand knyaz Vasily III Ivanovich

Transformation of the appanages into state

  • 53: The autocracy of the rulers of Muscovy and Moscow as the third Rome
  • 54: Boyars and knyazhata: their ambitions
  • 55: Classes: landlords and peasants
  • 56: Church as a landlord.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I look forward to reading more posts on the early history of Russia. Spasibo!!

- rhg

Dmitri Minaev said...

Thank you :).

I will return to the early history as soon as I finish with the book by Yegor Gaidar. That is, in 4-5 days, I think.