September 26 in Russian history

This will be a short post. Not that the events are unimportant or poorly known. On the contrary, there's nothing I can add to the Wikipedia articles, so I'll just remind of these events.


The second son was born in a Jewish family of Morris and Rose Gershowitz. They came to the USA from Russia. Moisha Gershowitz worked at a shoe factory in St.Petersburg. When he was 19, he met a 15-years old Rosa Bruskin, daughter of a furrier. One day, Rosa's father thought that the rise of anti-semitism in Russia was getting troublesome and decided to emigrate to the USA (Northern American United States, as the country was then called in Russian). Between 1880 and 1896, more than 1.5 million of Jews left Russia to America. Trying to avoid the threat of being drafted into the army, in 1892 or 93 Moisha follows his beloved Rosa and leaves St.Petersburg. On July 21, 1895, they married. Rosa was only 19 then, and Morris was 23. A year later, in December 1896, the first boy, Israel (a.k.a. Ira) was born. And in 1898, his little brother is born, Yakov. George Gershwin.


Russian lieutenant colonel with a rare last name Petrov saves the world. Due to a rare meteorological coincidence of events, the early warning system falsely identified a series of missile launches from one of the American military bases. 20 years later, he recalled: "You can't analyze anything in 2-3 minutes. Only intuition works. I had two arguments. First, rocket attacks don't start from one base only. Second, the computer is stupid by definition. Who knows what he might mistake for a missile launch. Stanislav Petrov is 68 now and he's a pensioner. He lives in Fryazino, near Moscow.


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