Leo Tolstoy and copyright

LJ user vova_l (link in Russian) posted the text of a short notice by Posrednik publishers printed in the newspaper "Russkie Vedomosti" on March 7, 1887. It reads:

Due to frequent requests for permission to reprint or translate works by Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy published by our company, we deem it necessary to announce that all works by L. N. Tolstoy published by Posrednik are released, according to the author's wish, to the public domain and, hence, are free from all literature property rights.

Another writer, Nikolay Semyonovich Leskov commented: "Now we have to take care that the example of the man whom we love would not be lost in vain."

120 years ago this man has understood what few of modern people understand. Okay, he may be not the best writer I know, to put it mildly, but I have to admit he was a great thinker. :)

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